Mar 14, 2012

What the Wednesday!

Got a new computer
Love it

It's a chocolate kind of day

Went to breakfast with my siblings
It was nice
I barely made it home before preschool
But my broccoli quiche was worth it

A week from tomorrow I'll be sitting in a theater
Watching The Hunger Games
Ahhh!  I can't wait

Hazel whispers in my ear
"you're my favorite"
At least twice a day
How did I get such a sweet little thing?

I need some recommendations for
Cute and comfy shoes for walking around
I've either got cute shoes or comfy shoes
None that fit both requirements

Daylight Savings
is wretched

In a dinner rut
Give me your top 3 go-to dinner ideas
Even if you know Hazel can't eat them
I can usually figure out a way to make something work for her
Except steak, that's just not going to happen



Ashleigh said...

I actually love my Toms. They are so stinkin' comfy. But, don't drop things on your feet or it will hurt. They aren't very protective! I can't wait to see Hunger Games either! So excited! I hate being a dinner rut. I go through that every few weeks. You just get sick of the same old ya know?

Emily Foley said...

There are some pretty cute mary jane crocs that I've been eyeing, and I hear they're really comfy but I've never tried them.

I make lots of boring. But meatloaf & baked potatoes, turkey joes, and breakfast dinner are my go-to's.

~GINGER~ said...

Alfredo Pasta (I have a great alfredo recipe)
Fried Rice
Red Beans & Rice (again, I have a great recipe)
Egg Noodles (buttered with parmesan!)
Potato Soup

Also check out my Pinteret page for recipes that I either plan to make or have made & approved!

What a sweet Hazel girl! I adore her. I miss her.

Oh, Hunger Games! So excited!!

Jessica said...

tacos, fajitas, and spaghetti are my go to meals.

can't wait for hunger games!