Mar 7, 2012

What the Wednesday!

On Monday, we flew our super cool Costco kites 
At this awesome new park in Saratoga Springs
It's seriously the coolest place
They must have just opened it because there were like
A million people there
They have a four story pyramid climbing thingy
This crazy teeter totter on an axis
A new-age merry-go-round
And other really awesome stuff
And all Hazel wanted to do was swing...

So I had this crazy rash thing on my face
For the last 9 months
It started out really small and gradually got worse
It was so frustrating because I tried everything
I finally went to the dermatologist
And found out it's a form of dermatitis
cause by using steroid cream on the face
I couldn't think of a time I had ever done that
Then I thought about Hazel's daily skin routine
I totally use steroid cream on her eczema every day
I can't believe I had such a horrible reaction to it
My face looks much better now
It's almost completely clear
Now I have a cough...ugh!

 Grocery shopping with both the kiddos
Has gotten so much better
Hazel stays in the cart
Cannon helps me pick out the groceries
We play I-spy
Then he helps me load the stuff onto the check-out counter
Who knew he just needed to funnel his energy
Into something so productive

I'm starting a chore chart this week 
What chores do your Kindergarteners do?
I've got:
Make bed, get dressed, clean room, organize shoes, brush teeth
Anything else?

HB211 failed in the committee hearing last week

 I had such a productive morning
And I've accomplished pretty much nothing since lunch
But I got to snuggle a little purple princess
So, that's something

 This video is long
But worth watching
I'm in

Jarom and I keep saying 
"Can we go to Boston yet?"
It's been a long week



Emily Foley said...

I've never been able to get a kite up, so frustrating.

I used eczema medicine on Noah's face for a while and then my sister was like "Idiot, you can't do that" so I stopped. But I do use it on his bum.

Grocery shopping with kids is the worst thing ever, unless it's just me and Isaac.

My 5-year-old helps set the table at dinnertime. Loves it.

I haven't had a chance to watch the KONY video but I will.

Sorry about the bill, keep trying!

Amber and Ryan said...

I have dermatitis too! I got it at 20 weeks pregnant and now I am due in a week and it is better but still not going away. For the first couple of months I was treating it with steroid because I thought it was eczema (dummy), but then I went to the derm and found out that was making it worse. Just wondering what treatments worked for you? They gave me a topical cream and said if that did not work to take systemic antibiotics for 2 months. the cream improved it even though it has not gone away, but I did not want to take long term antibiotics while pregnant. It is such a frustrating condition! I would love to hear what worked for you; my email is
And Summer windexes her bathroom mirror, wipes her counter, and empties her bathroom trash. She also sets the table, puts her dishes in the sink, and organizes the shoe rack.

Jessica said...

Carter's big chore is emptying all the trash cans in the house on Saturdays and skimming the pool

Jen said...

My kids helped unload the bottom rack of the dishwasher and put away silverware after I remove the knives that is :) Also, fold hand towels and washcloths.

Jen said...

Oh and put their own clothes on hanger and hang them up and their own folded clothes into drawers. Mind you that the hang ups are usually I do one then they do one, etc.