Feb 29, 2012

What the Wednesday!

I'm going to pretend it hasn't been 3 weeks
Since my last WTW post

Our little family went to see Monster Jam
last Friday night
Okay, okay
It was actually really fun
Grave Digger was kind of cool to see in person
Cannon watches monster truck vidoes on my phone
And he was totally thrilled the whole time

I'm going up to the Capitol again today
To hopefully add my testimonial to HB211
There's a huge chance the bill won't pass again this year
But please say a quick prayer or wish us luck
I've got a small army coming with me
Strength in numbers, let's hope

I have to sleep with a fan on all the time
It started while I was pregnant with Cannon
And I was just hot all the time
But now I just need the white noise
Do you have to sleep with noise?

 Greek salad is a new obsession of mine
I've been making an effort to make myself a real lunch
And a greek pasta salad is one of my favorites

Speaking of Greek salad
Hazel will only eat olives if they are kalamata olives
The little black ones make her wrinkle her nose
In a really adorable way
She has expensive taste
They are a little too salty for me and I have to
cut them into little pieces
But she can't stuff them in her mouth fast enough

I can't wait for The Hunger Games movie
I just really hope it's good
Since I will have tickets for two different screenings
This song is on constant repeat on my ipod

Leap year today
Haha.  Did you see 30 Rock's Leap Day episode?
I wish we really did something cool on leap year
And I wish Leap Day William was a real mascot
And I am totally wearing blue and yellow today
Also Jack's quote
"He's a Mormon, you know how they are about Leap Day"
Made me crack up



Hales said...

oh my goodness, i LOVE that song.
and seriously, 3 entire weeks without hearing about your cute family, i dont like it one bit ashley rae. Stop this nonsense and start posting again!

Emily Foley said...

I've never heard that song, awesome.

I went to a monster truck rally with Jessica when we were in college and it was FUN. Really fun. Plus we got the autographs from some cute drivers.

No white noise, but a fan in the summer.

I hate olives but both Noah and Zoe LOVE them.

Happy Leap Day!

Tani Ireland said...

I sleep with the fan on AND I have a white noise machine!!!!

Mindy said...

We wore blue and yellow too! Hilarious. Lucas has a white noise/fan thing too ... the fan is best, but he'll settle for the noise machine if he can't have the air blowing on him ...