Feb 8, 2012

What the Wednesday!

I had strep throat last week
(hence, no WTW post)
It was horrible!
But I feel so much better now
I have a new appreciation for my health
Being sick all week sucks!

Every time I type "in"
My phone changes it to "I'n"
Which isn't even a word!  
It makes me look like a genius
So embarrassing

Friday is Kindergarten registration for Cannon
I'm such a first-timer

Add me, please?

Bought our flights and booked a room for Boston
So excited!
We're going to get to see my cousin, Chelle
She helps run the snapdragon inn in Vermont
I've been dying to visit ever since they started renovations
It's totally gorgeous!

I am not watching the news anymore
It's just too disturbing
Pure evil

I am 90% sure I'm going to teach 
two sessions of preschool next year
At first, I was kind of scared
But I am actually really liking the idea
I think it will be a good thing

Hazel will be in my class
How did this happen?

So, how was the superbowl?
I only saw the halftime show
I'm totally okay with that
But, did I miss any good commercials?

Have a super Wednesday!


Katy said...

Where did you get that hat for Hazel? I must know! Adorable.

I'm excited for your trip to Boston. I hope it's perfect.

I'm with you on the news. It's bad for me to know some things.

~GINGER~ said...

I agree with the news thing. We got rid of our tv services last fall, and after 6 months, the only time I've missed it was for the Super Bowl but we were able to go watch it with commercials and all with family, so it worked out that I still don't miss it. (woah, run on sentence) The news isn't just depressing, but pure evil. It hurts to watch. All I can say is PREPARATION!

The game was actually really great! It wasn't "over in the first half" like some games are. It was exciting down to the last minute!

Glad you're not so sick anymore. Scarrrrry!

Ashleigh said...

Haven't you had strep twice now? I am sorry! Being sick is the worst, especially when you're the mom! Mom's can afford to get sick! I agree, the news is depressing me. Too many tragedies lately. Breaks my heart! I am so jealous you are going to Boston!

Emily Foley said...

DO NOT miss Mike's Pastries in the North End of Boston and get the chocolate mousse cannoli just for me. And Regina's pizza. Oh how you will love it.

So sorry you were sick, that's the worst for a mama.

Hales said...

hmmm that picture looks familiar...
So jealous that your going to visit Chelle!!