Jan 18, 2012

What the Wednesday!

You know that book
The 5 Love Languages
Well, Hazel's love language is
reading her a story
Just one story is all it takes
 to become her best friend for the rest of her life

Kindergarten registration is just a few weeks away
I hope I don't cry
Cannon keeps telling me that he's not my baby anymore
It kind of hurts my feelings

Jarom's Grandma June passed away last week
She'll be missed
We went to visit her about 3 weeks ago
She was hard to understand
But she said "I love Hazel"
And gave her a little stuffed bear
It was the sweetest thing

It was actually a really nice time
To meet relatives on the Becar side
And be with all of Jarom's siblings
They are seriously a blast

We saw the Muppet Movie on Monday
Okay, so it was really cute
And the kids loved it
The songs were awesome
Plus, it was free!
We counted our gift cards and had $67
to the movies
Merry Christmas to us!

I could really go for a snow storm right now
I never thought I'd say that...

This news story about a food-allergy-related death
Scares the crap out of me
I'm so sad for the family
It's just horrible

Paula Deen has diabetes?
Her children's cookbook featured a recipe
for breakfast cheesecake
Breakfast cheesecake... for kids
We're doomed

 Have a sugar-free Wednesday!



Hales said...

We're supposed to have a snow storm here in Logan today. 5-8 inches.
I miss those kids! Cannon is bigger every time i see him and Hazel is so sweet!

Emily Foley said...

Zoe used to love reading stories too but it's waning and that makes me a little sad.

I didn't cry at kindergarten registration. Dropping him off on the first day, however? Sobs.

I'm so sorry to Jarom for the loss of his grandma, how amazing for you to have that experience (and Hazel, too).

We saw the beginning of the muppet movie but Zoe was such a mess we had to leave.

Mindy said...

I'm re-reading the 5 Love Languages right now! I love it!
And I really love your What the Wednesdays :)